L-R: Rob Hynek, Program Director; Greg Donsbach, President of Method; Julie Richt, VP of Sales and Distribution

Our Mission

Relentless pursuit to provide simple and fast insurance solutions through multiple distribution channels.

Our Vision

To provide easy to obtain and simple to understand protection for businesses most important assets.

Method Formula

For agents in small and medium size markets who struggle to find work comp insurance for challenging risks. Method’s exceptional service and A+ solutions will provide long-term partnership for you and your client’s needs.

How We Make It Happen

Method Insurance Services (Method) will have a laser focused approach for the target appetite of our carrier partners. Method will leverage overall understanding of the complex comp market to exploit inefficiencies. Method will set up a distribution model that attracts true agency partners that have a desire and need to do business with us. Service standards will be set to be industry leaders in quote turnaround time and overall needs of our distribution partners. The organization will be led by insurance experts that will implement the following

Method (PTD) Success Model


Provide exceptional customer service through innovation and disciplined underwriting


Hire, develop and prepare associates to succeed


Superior distribution pipeline that offers work comp and other products that our valued customers need. 

At Method, we know there are many choices for workers’ compensation. Method’s approach is simple:

E x 3 strategy:

  • Exceptional Service
  • Expert Underwriting & Distribution 
  • Extensive Appetite

Our #1 goal is to build strong agency relationships by providing world class customer services, expertise in our product offerings and long term partnerships.