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About Method


Method is an MGA dedicated to providing outstanding value to our six carrier partners, over 4,000 agency partners, and their customers across the entire United States.

We focus exclusively on workers’ compensation. Our integrated insurance, claims and risk platform couples decades of deep expertise with leading-edge technology to deliver unparalleled service and results. By leveraging deep learning, data analysis, and automation to drive continual improvements, we create superior outcomes for injured workers, employers, and insurers.

Through our national distribution platform, we serve employers of virtually any type, but our proven approach to safety, loss-prevention and claims management provides added value to industries where injuries are the most frequent and severe. By both reducing the frequency of injuries — and ensuring that when injuries do occur employees receive the best possible care and get back to work as soon as possible — we reduce the total cost of workplace injuries.


Deliver the right workers compensation solution
for businesses and their employees.


We aim to drive industry-changing outcomes,
provide exceptional service to our customers
and create a rewarding workplace for our employees.

Core Values


We build relationships by understanding and valuing the perspectives and contributions of others.
  • We strive to understand what our customers, business partners and team members need from us.
  • We consider the downstream effect of decisions and choices that we make.
  • We recognize the value every person in this company brings to the table.
  • We know each of us contributes to something bigger than ourselves.


Personal and organizational integrity are the foundation of everything we do.
  • We create transparency through open, honest communication and deep listening.
  • We do what we say we will do. We keep our promises, and we are willing to be held accountable.
  • We lead by example. We live out our values in our daily work.
  • We make decisions based on merit, we design processes that are just, and we align resources to help people achieve their goals.


Together, we use our expertise and experience to continuously drive the best outcomes.
  • We win by building the greatest expertise and experience in the industry.
  • We foster a spirit of learning, the cornerstone to continuous improvement, to become smarter, more efficient and drive better results.
  • We differentiate ourselves by providing exceptional service to each other and to our customers.
  • We require the highest levels of teamwork rather than "working alone, together."


We act with kindness and consideration for our people, our work and those we serve.
  • We do detailed, technical, regulated work with compassion and empathy.
  • We support our people, and in turn they take great care of their customers.
  • We have fun at work as one more way to build a sense of community in the company.
  • Kindness matters.


2014 Dr. Rehm forms Occusystems, Inc ("OSI")
2015 Acquires Texas Healthcare Foundation, a TPA focused on medical bill review
2016 Acquires Caprock and Cornerstone, TPAs focused on the Texas non-subscriber market
2018 Builds out corporate infrastructure with Nashville headquarters;
Acquires Redpoint Comp Holdings, an MGA focused on traditional workers' compensation underwriting and claims administration in Texas;
Enters into fronting carrier agreement with Worth Casualty;
Changes name to Salus Workers' Compensation

2019 Expands beyond Texas into 11 new states;
Acquires Method Insurance Services, an MGU focused on workers' compensation guaranteed cost programs and wholesale services, predominantly West of the Mississippi River

2020 Adds additional states;
Partners with Gradient AI to streamline underwriting;
Forms reinsurance arm, Salus Re, to share partner risk and capture financial value of superior performance

2021 Adds additional states;
Partners with Origami Risk to customize Claims Management platform, automating adherence to Method's proprietary claims protocol;
Diversifies book of business

2022 Operates in all non-monopolistic states;
Acquires Risk Exchange Insurance Services, Inc., an MGU and wholesale broker;
Consolidates all operations under the Method name;
Reaches $100M inforce premium

2023 Adds small business comp and additional specialty programs;
Expands markets to include six carrier partnerships;
Reaches $170M inforce premium


Executive Team

Richard Rehm, M.D.
Founder, Executive Chairman of the Board

Christopher Rehm, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Trent Blakey
Chief Financial Officer


Chris Daley
Insurance Services

Michaela Morrison
Senior Vice President,

Kari Garthright
Senior Director,

Rob Hynek
Senior Director,

Megan Martyn
Senior Director,
Business Development


Jeff Steiner
Chief Claims Officer

Kaecie Harrell
Vice President,
Managed Care Services

Matt Reiter
Vice President,
Non-subscriber Program

Lisa Zimmerman
Vice President,
Workers’ Compensation Claims


Sherry Donnelly
Vice President,
Human Resources

Joseph Moore
Vice President,
Marketing & Communications

Alex Velinov
Chief Information Officer




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