Method and Service American have partnered with Broadspire to manage the claims for the specialty comp program.

Broadspire is a Crawford Company that brings together people, technology, and compassion to deliver meaningful results to clients and their claimants.

We understand the human and financial toll that employee injuries have on workers and businesses. By combining the expertise of Crawford’s industry-leading claims professionals, doctors, and nurses into a comprehensive service model, we are able to assess each claim individually and provide the appropriate level of care while proactively mitigating issues that delay claim closure.

Through our global third party administrator, Broadspire, Crawford delivers customizable and scalable workers compensation solutions to help injured workers across any industry to return to work more quickly and safely. Our clients enjoy the benefits of lower overall claims costs, as well as peace of mind, knowing that each injured worker is receiving compassionate care from a trusted provider.

Perfect for:

  • Reducing overall claims cost
  • Ensuring faster, safer return-to-work
  • Managing medical-only and indemnity claims
  • Scaling to support claims at any volume or complexity
  • Enhancing decision-making through consultative analytics
  • Improving medical outcomes