Safety & Loss Prevention

Method recognizes the vital role safety plays in improving our customer's success and productivity, while also reducing the costs associated with injuries, employee turnover, and insurance premiums. We use this understanding to work with customers to identify, evaluate, and address their specific risks.

Our consultative approach always considers our customer's opinion and experience. We utilize industry-specific knowledge to customize reasonable solutions that assist in preventing and controlling work-related hazards.

We provide value-added services to our employer and agency partners with a focus on supporting efforts to develop and improve safety programs, assist in identifying and evaluating hazards, and provide resources to optimize the use of controls and practices.

Our future is built on evolving with our customer’s needs and leveraging technology, innovative practices, and industry knowledge to continuously improve outcomes and experiences.

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Motor vehicle operator assessment (ONLINE TOOL)

Computer workstation ergonomics self-assessment (ONLINE TOOL)


Electric forklift inspection (PDF)

Ladder inspection (PDF)

Vehicle inspection (PDF)


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5 Minute Safety Toolboxes

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